We have a story to tell…

Our story begins in 1987 at the port of Piraeus, with two people and a small creative office.
The port signifies energy, evolution, communication, speed, and so everything moved quickly!
Our business grew, the team expanded, and in 2004 we established ourselves in our own space.
Today, Energy Marketing is counted among the top Marketing & Communication companies, with many innovations and successes in its work, but primarily having success and the trust of the clients who have brought us this far and smile at us promisingly for the future.
As the sun rises, so does our own red, square sun, flooding us with creative energy seeking to find a way out.
We are proud of what we have accomplished but have already left it behind.
Every day is a new day, with new challenges that excite us and give us the opportunity to do new things, with a different perspective!

We call this Outbox Thinking, and it is the tool that keeps us young every day and helps us soar!

We are here for you!
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Energy People

Co -Founder & CEO

Sokratis Xanthopoulos

Co -Founder & CFO

Kalliopi Grammatikopoulou

Business Development Manager

Stelios Xanthopoulos

Operations Director

Kleopatra Chatzantoni

Client Service Manager

Georgia Gkouma

Project Manager

Chrysa Kalogeraki

Copywriter & Quality Control Manager

Maria Mpourtzi

Media Manager

Aggeliki Rapti

Creative Director

Viky Marouda

Art Director

Kostas Stefanou

Senior Motion Designer/Videographer

Aris Paizanos Mavrakis

Digital Manager & Web Designer

Dimitris Soumis

Accounting Manager

Kostas Karagiannis

Direct Marketing Director

Kostas Stamatopoulos

Direct Marketing Manager

Vaso Tagka

Chief Editor of Publications

Alexia Kalogeropoulou

Woof Manager



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Said about us

Energy Marketing people are creative, love what they do and bring soul to every project they undertake.

They make the maximum effort for the desired result, which they satisfy even in the tightest time frames. We have created many different campaigns with Energy Marketing over the years that we have been working together and each of them has resulted in success and has been characterized by timelessness. The company's creative team, aiming to think "out of the box", is always one step ahead and creates ideas and communication that can be identified with today. Energy Marketing has excellent customer service, they are excellent professionals, who always put their customers' needs first. At Energy Marketing you can distinguish from the very first collaboration the knowledge of the market, the willingness to offer the best possible communication advice, the dedication to what they do and to their customers. They are partners with whom you can work as a team, with a common goal and with only positive results.

Viky Malliri
Marketing Manager, Elval Colour
Energy Marketing fully meets its obligations, with professionalism, consistency, willingness and efficiency in its work.

Domus SA. has many years of cooperation with the Energy Marketing company. In this context, it has been assigned important projects with the aim of supporting its new and older products, which it has successfully coped with. The Energy Marketing company fully meets its obligations, showing professionalism, consistency, willingness and efficiency in its work. The company's potential, in addition to contractual obligations, is at all times ready to quickly cover any emergency needs that arise, related to our advertising promotion. The two companies are close, with proposals to properly manage the challenges and opportunities presented in the market.

Giannis Kounelis
President & CEO, DOMUS
We singled out Energy Marketing for its efficiency and professionalism, as well as for the ethics of its people.

The Hellenic Institute of Architecture collaborates with the company Energy Marketing mainly in the field of sponsorship packages and strategic communication. Through our many years of cooperation, we distinguished Energy Marketing for its efficiency and professionalism, as well as for the ethics of its people.

Ilias Konstantopoulos
President, Hellenic Institute of Architecture
Communication and creation are synonymous with Energy Marketing which is always by our side with professionalism, consistency and ethics.

Our acquaintance with Energy Marketing goes back many years... our first contact was in 1997 when NEOKEM became a sponsor at the Conference "Aluminium & Constructions". Since then, a stable collaboration began which gradually expanded and today is based on human relations and indeed on friendship. With the Energy Marketing team, we collaborate excellently on issues related to the branding of the company, the development and maintenance of a dynamic multilingual website, conducting research and direct marketing as well as the development of sponsorship programs. Communication and creation are synonymous with Energy Marketing and its team is always by our side with dedication, professionalism, consistency and ethics. Unique market experts, they provide communication tools, ideas and advice, which contribute to the promotion of our company's products and services. A strong team you can trust to get the best possible result with timeless value.

Nikos Vlahakis
Energy Marketing knows the industry better than anyone, having done very important things in our space over the years.

My acquaintance with Energy Marketing spans more than a decade, from the time I was a member of SEKA, then as General Secretary and in recent years as President. Maintaining a very good relationship with the whole team, and especially Sokratis Xanthopoulos, I have only good things to remember. Energy Marketing knows the industry better than anyone, having done all these years very important and innovative things in our field, contributing the most to its upgrade and continuous evolution, always with fresh ideas and without copies, building relationships of trust with the market. Organized and consistent, the people of Energy Marketing always make sure to find ways to implement the agreed upon, giving all their partners the extra something. A charismatic and strong team, which I consider to be the ideal partner that will meet the most demanding needs of its customers with experience, knowledge, consistency and reliability.

Kostas Diamantis
Former President, Association of Greek Aluminum Manufacturers
The integrated communication strategy of Energy Marketing always aims at the best result for the customer

A long-term collaboration that has led to an important friendship. For ETEM, with almost 50 years of experience in the aluminum industry, Energy Marketing is one of the most important partners, as it contributed to the dynamic development of trusting relationships and the appreciation of its brand name. The integrated communication strategy of Energy Marketing, always aiming at the best result for the customer, based on a base of high principles and responsibility, makes it the ideal partner. The high ideals and principles of ETEM, such as honesty, integrity, dedication and trust, are fully in harmony with the values ​​of Energy Marketing. Ambassadors of Out of the Box thinking, always aiming for a tasteful and creative result, Energy Marketing is for ETEM, not just another partner, but a true friend. As for the people of Energy Marketing, and especially for Mr. Sokratis Xanthopoulos, we are happy and proud of their successes, and we wish them ALL THE BEST!

Labros Giannouhos
Former General Director of ETEM
Energy Marketing's support was exemplary, the results we achieved are indisputable.

Four years ago, we chose to work with Energy Marketing to promote the actions of PSEM (Panhellenic Association of Insulation Companies), because they approached our request for a redesign of the Association's activities with professionalism, enthusiasm and appetite. Their honest approach has helped us to significantly improve services to our members, but also to all professional categories of the industry, engineers, architects, market operators. We managed and completed important actions, such as the organization of technical workshops and conferences. We have developed synergies with other agencies and professionals in the sector. We promoted important social actions, developed the Association's communication and extroversion. Their support was exemplary, the results we achieved are indisputable, but we don't stop here! We continue to develop our cooperation with the aim and purpose of promoting the Association's positions and providing our members with more and more information. PSEM is now present in every action, having an active role in developments! For all that we have achieved, and for all that we will achieve, we say: Well done to the entire Energy Marketing team for the support and sincere cooperation!

Anargiros Andreou
President of the Panhellenic Association of Insulation Companies
Energy Marketing's ability to adapt immediately to new data and needs make them an important partner.

The art of communication, the creation and strengthening of the Brand of a product or a company, but also the organization of professional events in the Aluminum sector, has been identified with Energy Marketing. DOUKAS SA, for 20 years, has trusted its communication image to Energy, which has managed to transfer the values ​​and services of our company to the market, with professionalism and passion. Sokratis Xanthopoulos, the main spokesperson of Energy, with his positive aura, his honest character and his experience, but also together with his team, offer fresh ideas and communication tools, which contribute decisively to the identity and Brand DOUKAS in the market . Energy's ability to adapt immediately to new data and needs, from Digital communication to Consulting Services, make it an important partner of DOUKAS for the future of its communication strategy.

Anastasios Doukas
President of DOUKAS SA
I sincerely want to thank Energy Marketing and Sokratis Xanthopoulos for our cooperation over the years.

A partnership that was and is based on professionalism, consistency and a human approach. In the new market that will be formed in the coming years, Energy Marketing is one of the companies that will find a prominent position within it.

Christos Damanakis